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Quality Tree Services

We can handle tree services of all sizes – from removing a few bushes to dismantling the huge tree looming over your house; from clipping out a few dead branches to pruning all of the trees on your property or office park.

planting for the future

tree planting

Tree Amigos is Austin’s premier tree planting company. Our method of planting trees ensures that your tree has the best chance to reach maturity. By using an air spade to create the planting hole, we prevent damaging pipes or irrigation installations as well as preventing the compaction caused by digging with a shove

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making your trees better than ever

tree pruning

We provide the highest quality tree pruning services starting from the recommendations all the way to the final cut. Most of the time, the same certified arborist who is recommending the pruning, is the one who comes back to perform the pruning work. This allows us to maintain a level of quality control that companies with arborists that only do sales just cannot do.

Our pruning philosophy is to meet our client’s goals by making the most practical and aesthetically pleasing pruning choices, while still making tree health a priority.

decades of experience

tree removal

Our decades of expertise allow us to safely remove even the most difficult trees using state of the art techniques and equipment. We are fully insured and dedicated to the safety of our personnel and your property.
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diagnostic & treatment

plant health care

Being a tree in Central Texas is no easy task. Our soil is extremely alkaline and shallow, our summers are extremely long and hot, and the rain is flood or famine. Sometimes our trees get sick, and it takes a tree expert to get it back to health. Owners Andrew Anstrom and Austin McCoy have over a decade of tree disease diagnostic and treatment experience. From powdery mildew to oak wilt, from heat stress to freeze damage, we know how to diagnose and treat all of the problems a tree in central Texas can face.

city tree ordinances


The City of Austin has unique regulations relating to the development of any infrastructure near trees. Our arborist staff has the experience and diplomatic ability to act as your tree ambassador to the City of Austin. By interfacing with city staff as arborists, we can do what it takes to get your project approved and underway, while also maintaining the health of your valuable trees during construction. The earlier you can involve a Tree Amigos arborist in your development project, the more we can help save you time and money navigating the city’s development related tree ordinances.
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